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SHOP Show Raeford – Sentry Products Group

Sentry Products Group rolled out their mobile showroom for its debut at SHOP Show.

With multiple brands under the Sentry umbrella they had lots to show, but we’ll start off with their Variable Mounting Platform.

Their laser cut laminate pouches are PALS compatible but can also be mounted to a belt vertically or horizontally via belt loops built into the pouch.

Additionally, the Gunnar Low Profile Operators Belt seen above also incorporates angled slots toward the front of the belt for those who want more ergonomic access to their magazine pouches.

Additionally, Sentry Products Group has introduced their new patented take on PALS, their 1082 Micro MOLLE Mount which is featured on their Gunnar series.

1082 Micro MOLLE Mount allows more effective use of the real estate with it’s offset spacing.

2 Responses to “SHOP Show Raeford – Sentry Products Group”

  1. Richie says:

    That plate carrier is a VERY interesting design, but how well does that attachment method to the strap work with shouldering a weapon?

    • mike says:

      It’s a purpose built plate carrier, but a Rhodesian-style chest rig that holds a plate. This style chest rig has been made for a long time and by all the big players. While I’m not a fan of the buckle placement, many attachment methods that would have less corners, if worn correctly that buckle should not be where you stock needs to be.

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