B5 Systems

AUSA 21 – Blackbridge Defense

Exhibiting in the ADS, Inc booth, Blackbridge Defense offers the Shadow Mount and Swing Arm Assembley.

The Shadow Mount was initially developed for use with 10th SG(A)’s Snow Machines and accepts the M240 and M249. Naturally, it can be used with other platforms as well. All of the features can be used even while wearing mittens.

The weapon is easy to mount and dismount thanks to their spring loaded pin.

There is a rail along the right side of the mount to accept the universal ammo compartment which accepts two SAW drums or a 7.62 ammo can. The lid is replaced on the latter and there are two magnets in the compartment’s lid to hold your linked rounds at the ready so they won’t fall back inside the can. Additionally, the lid is ratcheted into place. Finally, there are detent holes for proper alignment with both M240 and M249 feedtrays.

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