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Cobalt Kinetics Hires Gabriel Cabrera as Chief Sales Officer!

October 19th, 2021: Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of American Masterpiece firearms, is proud to announce the addition of its newest team member – Gabriel Cabrera. Gabriel is Cobalt’s new Chief Sales Officer for the brand. This position is vital to Cobalt’s new “return to center” growth strategy and Gabriel brings years of industry experience with him to the role. Gabriel has well over 12+ years of industry related experience to the Cobalt brand, and a rich history of successful accomplishments from previous employers, like Taurus USA, Breakthrough Clean Technologies, VZ Grips, and most recently Rosco Manufacturing.

“My goal is to position this amazing brand for success! With a market that is saturated with mediocre platforms I hope to provide dealers/ consumers with a superior option that they were not aware existed. I want to create strong relationships with our Dealers and Consumers, and I fully acknowledge that the only way to achieve this is through hard-work and commitment. This is something that I take pride in knowing that I can bring to the team. The next year will be a strong “building” year for Cobalt, and I am excited to get started!”

– Gabriel Cabrera (Chief Sales Officer)

Effective immediately Gabriel will be handling all Sales Operations and Marketing Communications for the brand. If you are a Dealer interested in learning more about the new updates with the brand, or have Marketing inquiries make sure to reach out to Gabriel Cabrera (

“We are extremely excited to have Gabriel join our growing team and we have no doubt that he will take us to the top. His body of work speaks for itself, and we are happy that he is under Team Cobalt now!”

– Aaron Quinn (Owner/ CEO)

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One Response to “Cobalt Kinetics Hires Gabriel Cabrera as Chief Sales Officer!”

  1. Chip says:

    Mazel Tov, Gabe!