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PocketUp – SleeveWrap Pocket System

Mel Terkla has been working on a pocket system that doesn’t use PALS webbing off and on for a couple years now. The result is PocketUp’s SleeveWrap Pocket System which allows you to add pockets to a slick pack.

Other pockets out there that mount on packs without PALS use an array of buckles and/or webbing.

They use a sleeve on the pack that is sewn at the top and bottom with 2” Velcro strips sewn onto the sides of the sleeve underneath. The pockets have “wings” on the sides with Velcro that wrap under the sleeve and Velcro into place, thus the term SleeveWrap.

They will be offering this system initially on their Park Pack and Zone Pack, along with a variety of SleeveWrap Pockets.

They’re planning on releasing the SleeveWrap Pocket System around the first of the year.


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  1. Adun says:

    A big plus to this system is that it doesn’t stand out the same way that PALS webbing does on a pack. A lot of people like the theoretical versatility of having a PALS panel on the back of their bag, but rarely actually use any additional pockets. With this system, you can still keep the potential versatility, but the pack stands out way less in a crowd, assuming it is not Multicam of course.

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