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TacMed Tuesday – New Trauma Simulator Rental Program

TacMed Solutions is excited to announce its new Trauma Simulator Rental Program! It is designed to offer any agency – large or small – with the opportunity to use high fidelity trauma simulators in classes, providing their students and trainees with the ability to learn on manikins that simulate a real-world experience.

The TacMed Simulation Rental Program consists of both human and K9 simulators, customers can choose the package and simulator that will best meet their specific training needs, as well as have access to discounts on medical  supplies to help supplement their courses.  

Jo-Anne Brenner, executive director and founder of K9 Medic™, has recently utilized the program to rent K9 Diesel. “Our use of renting K9 Diesel was so successful that we’ve since purchased K9 Hero and still continue to rent K9 Diesel when needed,” Brenner said. “The rental program itself is equally commendable. From shipping to packaging to user support, our course coordinators can rely on the professionalism of TMS to ensure we deliver excellence to our students.”  

If you are interested in becoming a part of our rental program and gaining access to these high-fidelity simulators, check out the available packages and submit a rental request at:  TacMed™ Simulation Rental Program – TacMed Solutions™

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