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Cobalt Kinetics Hires Mikey Paez as Chief Operations Officer!

November 17th, 2021: Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of American Masterpiece firearms, is proud to announce the addition of its newest team member – Mike Paez. Mike is Cobalt’s new Chief Operations Officer for the brand. This position is vital to Cobalt’s continued promise of quality to the consumer and Mike brings years of industry experience with him to the role. Mike has shown a litany of successful accomplishments in his work history that made this choice easy. From spending 10+ years serving in the U.S. Army as a combat medic, to his most recent 5 ½ years at Sons Of Liberty Gunworks as Manager for the brand. He brings well over 15+ years of firearms related experience to Cobalt, and a laundry list of skills that will help shape the re-launched brand.

“I am excited for this opportunity extended to me by Aaron Quinn (Cobalt CEO), to come on board as Chief Operations Officer. I look forward to coming together with the rest of the team at Cobalt Kinetics and help push the company to great heights during its rebuilding phase.”

– Mike Paez (Chief Operations Officer)

Effective immediately Mike will be overseeing all Operations for the brand. If you have any inquiries regarding Cobalt operations make sure to reach out to Mike Paez ([email protected]).


“We are all extremely pleased to add Mike to our growing team. I first met Mike at an industry event when he was attending with SOLGW and we found common interest in well-made firearms almost immediately. Mike’s body of work with that brand has been un-deniable and we feel that his input will be extremely valuable in our house.”

-Aaron Quinn (Owner/ CEO)

For more information on Cobalt Kinetics and their products go to www.CobaltKinetics.com.

4 Responses to “Cobalt Kinetics Hires Mikey Paez as Chief Operations Officer!”

  1. Mike says:

    Big congratulations, Mike!

  2. Congratulations Mike.

  3. Ash Hess says:

    Congrats to both Mikey and Cobalt! Win Win!

  4. Charles W says:

    Congrats Mike, I know the SOLGW will miss ya, congrats on your position.