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TacMed Tuesday – Understanding Litters

TacMed Solutions offers three main types of litters: poleless litters, Foxtrot® litters, and the Rescue Task Force litter. What are the differences between them, and which one works for you?

The poleless litter is offered in the form of the TacMed™ Poleless Litter or the Phantom® Litter. Poleless litters are a form of non-rigid litters that are ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact making it easy to carry for medical operators or individual soldiers. It is durable and has multi-life casualty evacuation capacity. Additionally, it can function as a casualty equipment bag after the casualty has been loaded on a standard litter to hold an individual’s combat equipment or sensitive items, minimizing the risk of loss during the casualty evacuation process. Although easy to carry and store, use of a poleless litter often requires multiple people to evacuate a casualty.

TacMeds Foxtrot® litters are offered in the form of the Foxtrot® Litter and the Foxtrot® DA. The primary difference between these two litters is that the Foxtrot® DA utilizes quick connect buckles that allow strapping in a casualty with a snap motion whereas the Foxtrot® Litter utilizes two metal D-Rings that, although may be slightly slower, often allow for a tighter strap and are more robust. The Foxtrot® line of litters are semi-rigid litters that are draggable and easy to carry. Being designed by a special operations medic, they are specified to meet the applications of quickly moving a target off an objective. It is made of low friction plastic, allowing it to slide easily, that is connected to a rapid deployment drag line, allowing for a single person to sling the strap over their chest and still move the casualty with two free hands. It is the first litter system to be light and compact, being small enough to fit in our ARK™ Bag. A differentiator of this litter is that it is designed smaller and narrower in order to quickly move down bus or airplane aisle, as well as turn corners and fit through doorways more easily. Because it is semi-rigid, the plastic bed is also pliable, allowing the casualty to sit upright in it if needed. Lastly, it has a color-coded strap system, allowing for speed and easy use. The Foxtrot® system is ideal for SOF medics, police, SWAT, or people working in a tactical setting.

TacMed also makes the Rescue Task Force Litter. The RTF litter is designed similarly to the concept of the Foxtrot® system except that it is morphed for a domestic active shooter environment. It is designed with a thicker plastic bed which improved durability and product life when responding to multi-casualty situations. Like the Foxtrot®, it is narrower in size allowing for easy maneuverability through doorways, down aisles, or around corners. It comes equipped with a rapid deployment drag line, but also has handles for the ability to carry a casualty. Additionally, the RTF litter is designed with larger buckles, making it easier to apply while wearing bulkier rescue gloves. The straps are positioned so that one adult or two children could be evacuated at once. The Rescue Task Force Litter is ideal for firefighters, EMS, or police with gear for mass casualties.

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