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Coming Soon – “Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior)” a Film by Mystery Ranch & Mission Roll Call

MYSTERY RANCH has partnered with Mission Roll Call, an organization dedicated to providing veterans with a powerful, unified voice that our Nation’s leaders heard, to create a short film called Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior) – centered around Sam Alexander’s transition from the U.S. Army.

Sam is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served as a Green Beret.  

After returning home from the Army, Sam received a business degree to benefit his native tribe, the Gwich’in. He later started an adventure travel company, Latitude Six-Six, that would immerse travelers in “the full Alaska experience – seeing the land and the local native culture through native guides as well as through visiting local communities.”

Sam found as he would say, “his service after his service.”

Many veterans struggle with not only finding their way to serve but finding their passion for life post-service. The mental challenges that veterans face are unimaginable, and the mental toll is unbearable for many on their own, so having access to proper healthcare is essential. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to the services they are promised post-service – especially those who live in remote areas, like Native Alaskan veterans. With such profound limitations, the result is veterans who do not prioritize their mental care and may be more prone to suicide.  

Watch the trailer and stay tuned for the latest collaborative MYSTERY RANCH and Mission Roll Call film Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior) – a story about finding purpose in life after the military. Watch the YouTube Premiere on November 30th at 13:30 EST/11:30 MDT.

Read more now on MYSTERY RANCH’s latest blog Meet Green Beret Sam Alexander, and connect with Mission Roll Call to learn more about their movement.

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