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Velocity Systems Quad MPX SwiftClip Placard and Triple AK47 SwiftClip Placard, GP

The Triple AK47 SwiftClip® Placard, GP is a smaller, lighter alternative to a full chest rig, and is a quick attach/detach option allowing the end user to quickly change weapon systems without removing the rest of their equipment (radio, med etc). The placard has upward facing male buckles to clip into the SwiftClip® System on the chest of plate carriers and vests. The placard holds three AK47 magazines with an adjustable shock cord retention system. The front of the placard has three general purpose pouches, and a loop panel on the center pouch flap for ID Patches.

The Quad MPX SwiftClip® Placard works in conjunction with our SwiftClip® attachment system to attach to an armor carrier or vest. The placard allows the user to carry four MPX (or similar sized) magazines and provides additional rows of MOLLE to increase modularity. The design includes internal dividers that creates four separate magazine pockets, each with an adjustable shock cord retainer and webbing pull tabs. The back of the placard has hook Velcro® to mate with the loop Velcro® on the front of an armor carrier or vest. The height of the buckles from the top of the placard can be adjusted by hook and loop straps on the back of the placard to get the placard to the needed placement on chest. The front of the placard includes 2 rows of 6 column MOLLE webbing.

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