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SHOT Show 22 – Reebok Nano Tactical

Reebok has brought the DNA of their cross training shoes to the tactical boot side. The Nano Tactical line features a breathable mesh upper, Moisture Wicking Nylon Mesh lining and a MemoryTech Removable Cushion Footbed coupled with a Nano 2.0 Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole.

The Nano Tactical is offered in several versions including a shoe, 6″ boot and 8″ boot. The shoe and 6″ boot are offered in Black. FYI, the 8″ boot also features a side zip and is cobranded with the Navy SEAL Foundation non-profit.

The 8″ is only offered in Coyote and is AR 670-1 compliant, with a more traditional construction of Nylon and leather.


One Response to “SHOT Show 22 – Reebok Nano Tactical”

  1. No1_Important says:

    I had a pair of Converse tactical 8″ boots back in the day, they were desert tan, marshmallow soft and had side zips, I thought they were the coolest tactical boot I could have on deployment. I got to Kuwait, had range day on the hot sand and walking back to the bus the soles came right off. Hot ass sand melted the glue and sandpapered off what was left holding them on, thankfully I Had a backup pair of Oakley SI boots with stitched soles and they lasted the deployment and quite a few after that. Hopefully helps some up and comer if the’yre reading this and want something that looks like their basketball shoes. Also the SI boots had drain holes that worked great in the water and with fins…from the looks of these they serve no purpose in the SEAL Teams other than donating a bunch of money to a good cause.