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DroneShield Releases Upgraded Capabilities via Firmware Across its C-UAS Devices for Quicker and More Effective Detection

Global Leader in Drone Defense Tech / Counter-UAS, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence Shares Details on Next-Level RfPatrol, RfOne and DroneSentry-X Devices.

Updates To Be Rolled Out to Devices Over the Next Week; Given Immediate Urgency Following Recent Uptick of Drone Strikes.

Sydney and Virginia (January 27, 2022) – DroneShield (ASX:DRO), an Australian/US global leader in Artificial Intelligence based platforms for protection against advanced threats such as drones and autonomous systems, has today announced an enhancement of their AI engine through the release of updated RF Detection devices. The instruments improved include the RfPatrol, RfOne and DroneSentry-X drone detection and tracking platforms.

DroneShield capabilities are used to protect Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure, Commercial and VIPs throughout the world. Key products such as the DroneGun Tactical, RfPatrol, DroneGun MKIII, DroneSentry-X, RfOne MKII and software like DroneSentry-C2 are used to detect and eliminate unmanned threats.

Key aspects of the firmware update include the following:

• Seamless Integration: Introduction of Cursor-on-Target message output, allowing sensors to seamlessly integrate into the major platforms such as ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit)

• Increased Detection Speed: A 30% detection speed improvement. This means the time between initial detection scan and alerting is dramatically reduced.

• Improved AI-Model: The AI model has been trained specifically for weaker or obstructed signals, greatly increasing the detection range performance of all devices.

• Elevated Frequency Range: An additional frequency band is now fully operational, supporting a number of key protocol detectors specific to this band.

“As we’ve seen in recent events, the use of drones and UAS escalates and increases destruction in situations of high tension- with no barrier of distance,” stated Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO.  “Detection is even more vital than before.”

The updates will be rolling out across DroneShield devices globally in the next week, with heightened urgency given recent uptick in drone strikes in the Middle East and elsewhere. The technology upgrade is validated by deployments with the US Air Force and Australian Army.

Additional information about the system can be found at

One Response to “DroneShield Releases Upgraded Capabilities via Firmware Across its C-UAS Devices for Quicker and More Effective Detection”

  1. Tom P says:

    This vendor seems to embellish a lot of it’s statements. What success stories has this company had in detecting, tracking and defeating any drones within the 1-3 grouping?? It’s funny that they claim seamless integration using AI with ATaK, yet Anduril (which won the $1B SIP within SOCOM) still hasn’t been able to successfully merge those track with Atak, and their are one of the premier software companies in the world. Seems like Droneshield is selling Anker RF based paper weight.