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Kalashnikov-USA Introduced New Rifles and Calibers at SHOT Show 2022 Including A 5.56mm KR-101

Pompano Beach, Florida January 28, 2022: Kalashnikov-USA (KUSA), the premier manufacturer of AK-pattern firearms in the United States, introduced an expanded line of rifle caliber AKs during the 2022 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show held in Las Vegas January 18-21. The new models include a 7.62x39mm KR-104 short barreled rifle (SBR)* featuring a 12.25” hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel and a folding stock.  A pistol version, the KP-104 is being introduced at the same time as the SBR.  This reduced length version of the KR-103 weighs just over 7 pounds and is only 22.3” when folded (or in pistol form) thus offering users a very compact firearm.  Using standard 124 grain FMJ ammunition, the KR-104 will produce muzzle velocities of approximately 2,200 feet per second (FPS) as compared to 2,350 FPS with the standard 16.3” barreled KR-103.  

Kalashnikov-USA also introduced a 5.56mm NATO caliber rifle, based on the AK-101 platform, to be called the KR-101.  The rifle features a side-folding stock, 16.5” barrel and uses the popular Bulgarian-style 5.56mm mags commonly found in the marketplace.  KUSA will also produce their own steel reinforced magazine for the new firearm.  A 12” barreled pistol version, dubbed the KP-102, is also being launched in the same time frame:  late spring/early summer 2022.

“Kalashnikov-USA is listening to our customers and we’re expanding our product line to give Americans the variety of AK firearms they seek— all while maintaining our strong focus on quality and fidelity to the original Russian designs” said David Garretson, VP of Marketing at Kalashnikov-USA.  “In addition to the 7.62x39mm KR-104/KP-104 and the 5.56x45mm KR-101/KP-102 we are looking to produce 5.45x39mm semi-auto firearms, the KR-74M rifle and KP-105 pistol, later this year” he added.  

Kalashnikov-USA has grown enormously in recent years as more American shooters discover the incredible reliability offered by Mikhail Kalashnikov’s iconic long-stroke gas piston design.  The company’s product line includes rifles, pistols and 12 gauge shotguns.  KUSA offers both civilian-legal variants for US consumers and several select-fire versions for bona fide Military and Law Enforcement agencies.  Exports are available to qualified buyers in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as administered by the U.S. State Department.   Additional information can be obtained by visiting the company’s website at www.kalashnikov-usa.com.

*Short barreled rifles (SBRs) are regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA) and require additional paperwork and the payment of a $200 transfer tax by individuals acquiring them  Interested purchasers should consult with a Federal Firearms Dealer holding a Class 3 Special Occupational Tax designation (i.e. “Class 3 Dealer”) in order to purchase a short-barreled rifle. Note that some states and municipalities prohibit SBRs.  

4 Responses to “Kalashnikov-USA Introduced New Rifles and Calibers at SHOT Show 2022 Including A 5.56mm KR-101”

  1. No1_Important says:

    I guess at shot show it was announced that ammo imports would dry up from Russia and former soviet bloc countries making ammo if war with Ukraine should break out so makes sense why all the main companies are offering AK’s in 556 and 308.

    Hopefully Kalashnikov USA will release their 104 with Sure Shot rails that they showed off at shot show. Palmetto has similar options but until they start selling their 104 with FN barrels I’m not going to pay the same price I can get a true Kalashnikov 104 for.

    Palmetto AK104 GF4- $1,199.00
    Kalashnikov USA KR-104 – $1,399.00

    • Scott says:

      The ammo import issue has been known about for awhile. Also KUSA announced back in…2018? that the 5.56 AKs would be the ones done after the 7.62×39 line was released.

  2. Tounushi says:

    Interesting seeing an AK with accurate nomenclature.
    AK as is means “Kalashnikov Automatic (rifle),” so KR “Kalashnikov Rifle” makes sense. Since it’s an American branch showing it off, the designation being english from the start is no surprise. If they’d go russian, what’d it be? VK “Vintovka Kalashnikova” or SVK “Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Kalashnikova?”

  3. Thomas McNulty says:

    Live in Grants Pass ,Or. Love the quality workman ship.
    Beautiful Rifle. Good friend / neighbor, showed me his new
    Ak, Beautiful. Would love to order one to my liking.
    How to go about ordering is my question. Thank you
    For putting out such a fine product.