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Black Collar Arms APS

Austin, TX — Not a shoulder stock, not a pistol brace, the brand new Black Collar Arms APS — Adjustable Pistol Support — is a height adjustable rest designed to support a precision pistol on a bench, the ground, or another surface. It’s a brand new category of rear accessory for firearms and is ideally suited to large, accurate pistols. 

While a pistol brace is designed to brace against the shooter’s body — typically on the forearm — for extended-arm firing of the pistol, the Black Collar Arms APS isn’t designed to contact the shooter’s body. Used as a second or third point of contact on a solid surface, the APS provides a stable, height-adjustable rear rest with vertical point of aim adjustment accomplished by simply rotating the monopod.

The Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support will be available first in a clamp-on design for pistol buffer tubes and anything that accepts a Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD 1. On a buffer tube it can be adjusted forward and rearward to align with a given shooting bench, rock, side-by-side dashboard, hunting blind, or other support surface.

Seen here in rough prototype form, the production APS will have the ability to accept popular bipod feet in the bottom. With bipod feet available in styles ranging from rubber bumpers to machined aluminum spikes, there’s one to accommodate every type of support surface and shooting style.

Shipping is slated to begin in April, 2022. Pricing is still subject to change, but the MSRP target is $149.95.

For more info on the Black Collar Arms APS and to add your email to the waitlist, click HERE.

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