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Pyramyd Air Launches Sick of COVID Challenge

Solon, OH — Pyramyd Air is excited to kick off the Sick of COVID Challenge to encourage customers to enjoy trigger time with loved ones while getting out some pent-up pandemic frustration.

Customers can receive a free (plus shipping) set of Sick of COVID stickers and targets and enter to win exclusive prize packages by sharing how they enjoy their trigger therapy after a long two years of Rona talk. Whether it’s an action-packed film, creative candids, or an interesting story, Pyramyd Air wants to hear how shooters are showing they’re Sick of COVID. Pyramyd Air will award $5,000 worth of shopping sprees to winners plus weekly giveaways throughout the two-month campaign.

The Sick of COVID Challenge will run from February 7 through April 7, and winners will be drawn after the campaign concludes. To learn more about the Sick of COVID Challenge, visit www.pyramydair.com/soc.


One Response to “Pyramyd Air Launches Sick of COVID Challenge”

  1. Joe_K says:

    Too bad the contest didn’t consist of “prize to the best tar and feathering of the medical terrorists formerly known as CDC scientists and doctors!”