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Emissary Development – X300 Paddle Shifter Installation Tool

Emissary Development’s two-piece X300 Paddle Shifter installation tool was designed in-house and will be included with every X300 Paddle Shifter.

Since the paddle armature of the X300 is “spring loaded” and can be pushed forward we have designed a tool that braces and supports the armature in place. This makes it significantly easier to push your Paddle Shifter into place and fully seat it onto the armature.

The tool is designed to split in two after install to prevent it from impacting or moving the Paddle Shifter after it has been set in place.

They will also be including a 1/4” extraction tool bit that will make removing the stock switches a breeze.

They are still on course for a March release but can’t give out any concrete launch dates just yet.

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