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Black Triangle – Rigid Bag Panel-Sling

Although it’s designed to fit the Patagonia Atom 8L Sling Black Triangle’s Rigid Bag Panel-Sling can be used in other slings, satchels, and small messenger-type bags. It’s pretty versatile and user configurable. I’m going to order once they go live today at 1500 EDT.

Specifications and Details

1/8” thick Boltaron (Black and FDE)

11 1/2” Length

8 1/4” Width

16 riveted 1/4” holes (The riveted holes serve as anchor points if you wish to dummy cord the panel to your bag)

24 non-riveted 1/4” holes

4×6 1” MOLLE/MALICE channels*

Each Panel comes standard with 2 60” strands of 1/8” braided shock cord & 2 cord locks.

*When utilizing the MOLLE/MALICE channels, we prefer to use the TT Fight Light MALICE CLIPS (long) orEsstac WTFix Straps (Long)

Messenger and Full Size bag panels are expected by Q4 2022.

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