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Pre-Order the Urban EDC LC

Trevor Burger’s first ever production knife, the Urban EDC Light Compact (LC) features a M390 blade with a classic drop point shape and Titanium frame lock topped off with Ti or Micarta handles. The action incorporates both washers and ceramic pivot.

• Overall Length: 6.6in

• Width: 1.125″

• Thickness: 0.45

• Blade Length: 2.8″

• Black Thickness: 3.25mm

• Weight: 2.8oz: Full Ti, Micarta Inlay Ti, 2.3oz: Green Micarta


$289 for Full Titanium

$289 for Green Micarta w/ Black Micarta Inlay

$299 for Titanium w/ Black Micarta Inlay

Available now for pre-order at urbanedcsupply.com.

2 Responses to “Pre-Order the Urban EDC LC”

  1. Raul says:

    Very cool. Anyone know what those two fixed blade knives are in the top left corner. Big brother next to little brother ?

  2. ak74 says:

    I fell in love…..

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