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MATBOCK Raider Kit

Finally, It’s here! an efficient, lightweight and low profile waterproof pouch suite that quickly mounts onto your plate carrier eliminating the need for bulky and hard to get into dry bags. Designed to simplify for over the beach (OTB) and maritime operations MATBOCK introduces the Raider Kit. This kit includes the Raider front pouch, back pouch side pouch and rifle bag. This Raider Kit joins the very popular MATBOCK MR Dry Bag and Graverobber Assault Waterproof bag.

Each pouch in the MATBOCK Raider Kit has a heavy duty waterproof zipper but the material is lightweight and covered with our ghost material to protect it from punctures. Each pouch can quickly mount to your plate carrier without adding a lot of bulk. The rifle bag can be folded small enough when not in use and stowed in your cargo pocket. The Raider kit truly simplifies maritime operations and eliminates transition time from water.

Raider Front Pouch

The Raider front pouch is a waterproof low profile pouch that mounts directly to the front of your plate carrier keeping water and sand out of your magazines and gear. This pouch can quickly be unzipped allowing the operator full access to their magazines and gear and ready to move out in a fraction of the time it would take in the past.

Raider Back Pouch

The Raider back pouch is a low profile waterproof backpack that mounts directly to the back of your plate carrier with MOLLE attachment points. It can also mount to MATBOCKs GRAM insert and worn as a removable pack making access to your back pouch even easier. Keeping your gear waterproof and sand free without the bulk makes OTB and maritime operations so much more efficient.

Raider Side Pouch

The side pouch was designed to MOLLE onto your cummerbund for quick access to gear and equipment that is sensitive to water and sand. This pouch size is perfect for NVGs, grenades, breach charges and ammunition.

Raider Rifle Bag

Our rifle bag was designed to carry a variety of weapons during OTB and maritime operations. The lightweight and waterproof material can easily be folded and stowed in your cargo pocket when not in use.

To find out more: /www.matbock.com/collections/maritime/raider

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