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CANSEC 22 – Non-Stop Defence

Exhibiting in the Millbrook Tactical stand at CANSEC, Non-Stop Defence is a Norwegian specialist equipment manufacturer.

Their extreme cold weather parka and trouser is shown here with several other arctic warfare technologies offered by Millbrook Tactical.

Combining hydrophobic down and synthetic insulation, this system will keep the wearer warm even in the event he gets wet.

Additionally, they offer an Anorak with a long skirt-style hem that hangs to the knees. The hem can be drawn up with a drawstring to increase mobility over difficult terrain.

In the case of either jacket, it incorporates a helmet compatible hood with three points of adjustment and plenty of pockets, including inside, to keep the water in bottles in its liquid state, or to carry battery powered items near the body.

6 Responses to “CANSEC 22 – Non-Stop Defence”

  1. Oskar says:

    What skis are these?

  2. ProPatria says:

    Glad to see the trend continue to shorter fatter ski’s and universal bindings in military skis. A small group of us pushed for this concept for the US military in developing a ski program. Serket picked up up one the logic which lead to their ski’s and the patrol binding.

    What was that logic?

    1. Most troops are going to always be novice skiers.
    2. Most military sking is going to be in rolling terrian vs true alpine.
    3. Kitted out troops today are heavy, so you need a ski with a lot of flotation.
    4. The biggest Challange is the boot ski interface, the binding. Adding a dedicated ski boot for non-technical skiing wasn’t effective, and to cover a full environmental range might call for two boots.

    For more specialized troops who truly and regularly ski these types of ski might not be the answer, but for most they work quite well.

    • Millbrook says:

      totally agree with your comment. We spent the winter testing the skis up here in Canada. Amazed at how well they float, mainly due to the width as you mentioned. Pulling a Acapulca 132 pulk was very easy with that 149cm ski. The bindings fit a very wide variety of different footwear. The skins worked way better than we expected. Overall, very impressed!

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