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Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ Spectralflage Blanket reduces the physical visual, NIR and thermal signature of the individual to help evade detection via UAS, night vision, and thermal threats.

This system utilizes complex, next generation engineering to accomplish the unthinkable; thermal mitigation of the individual war fighter against real world, near-peer technology like never before.

The blanket provides a physical 3D visual breakup with the advanced concealment properties of A-TACS camouflage. This system excels in not only the thermal spectrum but also visually.

The ability to conceal against ground and UAS IR night vision systems is the next step in signature management.

The Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket is the next evolution in concealment technology. On the battlefield of tomorrow multispectral concealment is the way

Available on 6/15/22 @ 09:00 MST
only at www.beezcombatsystems.com

4 Responses to “Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket”

  1. Iggy says:

    Having played around with this material under multispec I concur it’s remarkable stuff. Tough as hell too.

  2. Brown Smock says:

    This is the future.

  3. Walsh says:

    Right now…stop. Buy this hide. Before anyone has a chance to realize how amazing this is and buy them all, grab one.

    The hide itself takes some assembly and during that process you become intimately aware of how to adjust each bit to give the entire hide a more lifelike 3d leafy look. Being familiarized with the design also allows the user to understand how to add local plant life to make the entire system blend in even better.

    Looking at the material, the entire system has a weight to it so it just doesn’t blow around like a shirt or move abnormally under wind and give your position away.

    In the normal visual spectrum, the 3d look of the hide assembly along with the advanced patterns mean you totally blend in…then under IR, the entire system uses IR-compliant dye so the entire hide maintains the same camo pattern.

    And we haven’t even touched on the thermal spectrum where the user completely disappears.

    Buy this…..I don’t think Beez even knows what they have.

  4. Tanith Cap Badge says:

    super excited to grab one of these, counter thermal capability is absolutely huge.