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ORSM 22 – Grüezil Bag

This Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is Germany’s Grüezil Bag premiere in the US.

What I find compellling about the brand is that the use a combination of down (70%) and wool (30%) as insulation. They cover their down with AlmWolle which protects the down from moisture, even when there is high humidity.

This survival model seen here integrates a bug net and is designed to go down to around 40 deg F.

One Response to “ORSM 22 – Grüezil Bag”

  1. Crackers says:

    I’ve been using one of their bags for about five years. I get out infrequently with it, but it really is an awesome piece of kit for PNW or heavy humidity environments as well as bivy sack life. I give it *****