Blackfolium – ISKIT

The ISKIT from Blackfolium is pretty straightforward, offering the following features:

1) H70 panel compartment.
2) Compartment for stowing Signal mirror and / or various objects.
3) Elastic tape for Cyalume®.
4) Lanyard closure.
5) H70 Signal Panel.
6) Cyalume®.
7) Paracord T1 to bind the Cyalume®

It’s two color (orange and megenta) panel features two Velcro squares so you can add reflective patches and/or IR markers. There are paracord loops at each corner for attachment.


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  1. Jim says:

    I’ve had one of these for a couple of years now, it’s awesome, add in a small heliograph and a strobe to round out the ‘signal’ part of it.
    Thankfully never had to use it for real but used it for impromptu’Target Indication’ lessons in the field.

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