USSF Announces Interservice Transfer Opportunities


The U.S. Space Force is accepting FY23 Interservice Transfer Program (IST) applications from June 15–30.
The IST allows qualified individuals from other uniformed services to apply for transfer to active duty in the Space Force to fill select career fields.
In order to be eligible, all applicants must meet the eligibility criteria in AFMAN 36-2032, Military Recruiting and Accessions.
The Space Force is accepting applications from active duty officers and enlisted personnel serving in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps. Please note that sister service release is an essential part of the transfer process.
All specialty codes can apply; however, the transferee must be able to fill the select specialty codes in the Space Force. See here for both enlisted and officer specialty codes.
Please follow the FY23 USSF Interservice Transfer Application Process instructions to submit your application.

?Attached Reference 1 – USSF Enlisted & Officer Specialty Code Crosswalk

?Attached Reference 2 – Salesforce Website Application Instructions

?Attached Reference 3 – Transferring to the U.S. Space Force FAQs

?Sample Attachment 1 – FY23 IST Transfer Request Letter

?Sample Attachment 2 – FY23 IST CC Endorsement

?Sample Attachment 3 – IST Candidate Data Form

Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

3 Responses to “USSF Announces Interservice Transfer Opportunities”

  1. Vic Toree says:

    I didn’t see Space Shuttle Door Gunner on the specialty code crosswalk, bummer.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      No service has that job, it’s always a secondary duty. Door Gunners are usually Crew Chiefs, in the case of USSF I’m betting it will be the Crew Chief, or like with certain intel agencies, the DA and defensive jobs will fall on the hands of Analysts, in which case the 518 Target Analyst is the veiled position for door gunning and other Moonraker (a name I’m betting on for USSF grunts) type work.

  2. Agamemn0n1 says:

    The Space Shuttle Door Gunner code was eliminated when the Space Shuttle was withdrawn from service. You’ll just have to wait for Starship Door Gunner