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Agency Arms LLC Mil-Spec Sig Sauer M17/320 Trigger

Agency Arms LLC is proud to announce our new Mil-Spec trigger designed for the SIG Sauer M17/18 and 320 series pistols. This trigger is based on our commercially available patent pending trigger for the SIG Sauer 320 series of pistols.

Working with a government entity the face of the trigger was changed to be completely flat, and the trigger safety/spring have been made removable for servicing. These triggers will be available directly from Agency Arms LLC to Law Enforcement and Military only.


2 Responses to “Agency Arms LLC Mil-Spec Sig Sauer M17/320 Trigger”

  1. Iceman says:

    What is MIL-SPEC about it if it is a different trigger than the current trigger which is in fact MIL-SPEC?

    • Ian Tashima says:

      “Mil Spec” doesn’t necessarily mean US Military.

      Also, maybe a military specification was updated and this is the new spec.