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Stuff I Like – Black Diamond Session Approach Shoes

I pick on my wife telling her that she wears the adult equivalent of toddler clothes around the house, but truth be told I’m doing the same thing.

Since COVID hit I’ve taken to wearing an ersatz uniform around the house and on short errands consisting of Vuori climbing pants, an Arc’teryx T-shirt and Black Diamond Session Approach Shoes*. If it’s raining, or I’m going for a hike, I stick with the Salewa Alpine Trainer Low. It’s not that I’m bouldering anymore, it’s really about comfort.

So why would I wear approach shoes? A couple of reasons. Although the soles are in fact sticky and offer sure footedness, these are really casual shoes. Plus, thanks to the stretch-fit heel they are slip-ons. That is the biggest factor.

The EVA mod-sole makes them comfy and I like the rubber toe rand. I’m now on my third pair since I started wearing them, so expect about a year’s worth of wear.

Offered in sizes 6-14 in several colors.


*If you’re curious about my underwear it’s Saxx boxer briefs and Point6 socks. If I like something, I buy six pair.

8 Responses to “Stuff I Like – Black Diamond Session Approach Shoes”

  1. BMadd says:

    I had these for a few months and wore them everywhere, however they started to breakdown after about 5 months. I enjoyed them for the short about of time I had them.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    SSD – you order your regular size? Any idea how wide-footed people like em?

  3. Stickman says:

    John Noveske and myself were both wearing approach and bouldering shoes a long time back, and I think for the same reasons you commented on.

  4. Iggy says:

    Really stretching the meaning of approach shoe. For approaching the gym? Real approach shoes have the build to carry to a BC, handle scree and trails then up to about 5.9. These are like Vans without a solid heel. Climber chique as they used to joke, now it’s an actual fashion.

  5. Ex Coelis says:

    Stuff I Like – Simple S1 shoes. Comfortable, long wearing(on my third set), one can wear ‘em just about anywhere(work, range, down-range?) and for my needs – durable enough to buy one pair at at a time ? Cheers to all here!

  6. Ray Forest says:

    I appreciate the “house uniform” comment. I often comment that if I ever won a lottery I’d probably develop my own uniform as well. I remember growing up a few WWII vets I knew that were in their 70’s at the time. They wore those short sleeve jump suits with the waist strap and slip on deck shoes every day. I didn’t understand then but maybe now I do. You find what you like and you buy 6 and don’t care what the world thinks?

  7. Crackers says:

    Those look perfect for my parking lot to gym approach. Gonna negotiate myself a pair tomorrow