FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Spotlight – Catamount Outdoor Gear

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In this weeks Friday Focus, we’re presenting another OEM Spotlight, Catamount Outdoor Gear. Owner, Mark Johnson, reimagines the average bino harness to create an extraordinary, American made product for the outdoor industry and beyond.

The Catamount Outdoor Gear (COG) Bino Harness is purpose built to provide the ultimate level of user comfort and optics protection. Before Mark created Catamount Outdoor Gear, his expectations of bino harness’ were never fully met. Dealing with issues such as loose hanging straps and improper pouch positioning was concerning for him. This sparked his creativity and bred the necessity to design his own system.

Unique COG features include the ability to MOLLE weave onto a pack or mount additional pouches through the laser cut cordura to create a larger kit suited to the individuals needs while hunting, scouting and traveling.

The 4-way stretch bino compartment flap provides notable protection against dirt, dust and debris. This flap can also be manipulated by one hand and is designed to be quiet while spot and stalking, bow hunter etiquette at its finest.

The COG Bino Harness is specifically designed to be as minimalistic as possible out of the box. Whether you’re loaded with pack and gear or drawing your bow on big game, your bino’s will be comfortably secured and out of the way.

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