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Belt Fed Magazines from Tribe Tactical Supply

Tribe Tactical Supply out of Utah has developed a line of belt fed magazines (nutsacks) called BFM-100 (Belt Fed Magazine-100 round) and BFM-200 (200 round Belt Fed Magazine). Designed to be used with the M249 and its clones, MK46, FightLite MCR® , Shrike®, and the FN Minimi® 5.56 belt fed platforms, they are made in Utah out of Milspec, Berry Compliant Materials.

Currently offered in Coyote Tan, MultiCam®, Ranger Green, and Black in limited Runs and will be available in M81 soon. Contact Tribe Tactical Supply for unit specific or geography specific color requests.

They also manufacture a line of Starter Tabs that work in conjunction with M27 links and for 5.56mm Belt-Fed Weapons, available in Tan499, Coyote Tan and Black.

With products are made to to stand up to the toughest environments, Tribe BFM’s, among other gear, can be found at

Proud to serve patriots and those in uniform defending our Freedoms.

2 Responses to “Belt Fed Magazines from Tribe Tactical Supply”

  1. Lcpl0420 says:

    Please make horizontally oriented mk48 pouches. The issued ones (lbt I believe?) are taller than the bipod legs and mess up firing positions.

  2. Adam says:

    Lcpl0420. Happy to see this question. Stay tuned. We have two in test right now. One horizontal, one vertical to choose from. We will post dimensions and what they look like on a weapon once everything is tested and ready for use. Thanks for the question.