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Whiskey Two Four – Backpack 00

WTF’s Backpack 00 is made in the USA from US made, Berry compliant textiles. Backpack 00 is approx 9″W x 17″T x 5″D.

Backpack 00’s exterior is MIL-DTL-32439 solution dyed 500D nylon. Backpack 00’s interior is lined with low profile VELCRO® 3610 low profile loop for use with hook backed accessories.

The sides of the interior are lined with high contrast 200D nylon fabric. Backpack 00’s YKK #8 zipper wraps around the perimeter for easy clamshell access. YKK zipper sliders are finished with milspec 550 parachute cord with Duraflex USA’s pull beads.

Backpack 00’s low profile shoulder straps are laser cut from Brookwood’s solution dyed SQUADRON® B-52 laminate. Quick and easy shoulder strap adjustments are made by tugging on MIL-W-55301 webbing rigged through ITW GT Ruck Ladderlocs. Backpack 00’s interior seams are fully finished with MIL-T-5038 edge binding tape.

Offered in a variety of colors.


7 Responses to “Whiskey Two Four – Backpack 00”

  1. Tesla says:

    That is the most low-profile neon pink I have ever seen!

    • mike says:

      Bright colors inside of pouches and packs makes it easier to find things inside in low light. Hell it makes it easier in regular light. I guess you just hate finding things?

    • MR Buck says:

      We’re all pink on the inside.

  2. What’s in there good Sir? Oh just milk and white bread going to Grandma’s house. (Then vanishes into grey smoke flowing through the urban background)

    Side note, nice of WTF to offer the pack pattern.

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Great slick design and superb materials, the usual for WTF gear… but just too small for the target audience, I’d imagine.

    • mike says:

      I’m pretty sure my Sugar Weasel will fit in that pack even without a LAW Folder ?

      I’d be curious to see larger rifles with folding stocks in there to see what the limit is but I think this pack has a lot of potential with WTF and other companies making some great inserts to fill the thing out.

      • Jack Griffin says:

        9?W x 17?T x 5?D

        Assuming those are exterior measurements listed above and based on quick work with a tape measure, a folded Rattler with optic and a folded Scorpion with optic will not fit due to height of the guns.

        This thing needs like a 20% upsize and it’d be way more useful.