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See Norma Precision MLE at NTOA in Milwaukee

Norma Precision MLE (Military/ Law Enforcement) is pleased to announce that for the first time they will be displaying at the National Tactical Officers Association Conference (NTOA) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Norma Precision Inc. based out of Savannah, GA and supplies Precision Swiss P specialty Sniper Ammunition to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.  It offers the following variants:

.223, .308, and .338 LM Styx Action- Designed as an open air sniper round for maximum effect on target while reducing over-penetration.

.223, .308, and .338 LM Armor Piercing- Designed for use against hard targets.

.308 And .338 LM Tactical – A SFBT bullet designed for use against heavy/angled glass and intermediate barriers.

The Norma Precision MLE program also offers a full line of duty, training, and precision ammunition for testing and field use.

For questions, please contact the MLE Ammunition Sales Manager, Eric Luley at [email protected].

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