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The New Ironside Holster from T.REX ARMS

For the last several years, T.Rex Arms has been making Kydex holsters; mostly focusing on inside-the-waistband and war-belt options. But this year, we applied everything we have learned in the past to the Ironside System, a line of basic outside-the-waistband concealment holsters and modular mag carriers.

Features include adjustable retention, adjustable cant, multiple sizes of belt-loops, optic compatibility, and wide support for weapons and lights. Made of sturdy 0.093″ Kydex with an inward tilt, the Ironside is an excellent solution for high-level shooters looking for strong-side carry, and with an emphasis on comfort and a low price point, it will be a good option for new gun owners as well.

In addition to the pistol mag carriers, we also manufacture carriers for AR magazines, tourniquets, and handcuffs. An included bridge connector allows users to combine multiple carriers in any configuration they want.

Like all T.REX ARMS holsters, the Ironside is manufactured entirely in the USA: built to order in our Middle Tennessee facility, subjected to rigorous quality control procedures, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty and our world-class customer support team.

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One Response to “The New Ironside Holster from T.REX ARMS”

  1. Romeo Hotel says:

    I bought a holster along with two magazine carriers. Excellent value considering my setup (VP9L with Acro P-2 and TRL-7A). It was refreshing to not be nickel and dimed given the light and optic options for a high quality product.