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Blackhawk Surpasses 250 Handgun Fits for Omnivore Holster

New Fits Cement the Omnivore as One of the Industry’s Most Versatile Holsters

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – September 14, 2022 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, has released 24 new fits for the Omnivore™ Multi-Fit Holster, bringing the total number of compatible firearms past 250 and cementing it as one of the more versatile OWB holsters on the market.

New fits available in the Blackhawk Omnivore include options for the Gen5 Glock® 17/19/22/23, Ruger® Security-9®, Smith & Wesson® M&P® M2.0™ 10mm, SIG P320®, Springfield XD® 9mm and XD-M® Elite, plus several others.

The Omnivore manages its versatility by not directly attaching to the frame of the handgun. Instead, the holster attaches to the weapon mounted light (Surefire X300/X300U-A or Streamlight TLR 1&2). With non-light bearing firearms, owners can use the proprietary Rail Attachment Device (RAD) supplied with the holster. 

This small polymer accessory mounts to any handgun with at least one slot of Picatinny rail along its dustcover. The thumb-driven active retention mechanism locks onto the Omnivore’s proprietary RAD, not the frame of the handgun. By utilizing the handgun’s accessory rail or mounted light, the injected molded holster is compatible with a wide variety of semi-auto handguns.

To learn more about the Blackhawk Omnivore, to see the complete list of fits, or to see the full lineup of Blackhawk holsters, head over to Blackhawk.com.

3 Responses to “Blackhawk Surpasses 250 Handgun Fits for Omnivore Holster”

  1. Intel weenie says:

    More curious about that shirt and pants, any info?

  2. RD says:

    That’s great, but half the guns I tried in one were unsafe in the holster from fact I could still easily access the trigger, if the holster covered it at all

    • Papa6 Actual says:

      Interesting. Which side arms are you referencing specifically?

      I really didn’t want to go to BLACKHAWK due to my experience with their original holster systems that secured the weapon through the trigger guard. But, I’ve got to admit that I really like this holster.

      I couldn’t find another holster (especially at this price point) that would accept my pistol. I’m carrying a Staccato P with a Streamlight TLR-1HL and a Trijicon RMR CC. I tried several different brands, including Safariland. I even tried the Safariland “holster builder” on their website. The website had all the components I use. Waited over two months and when it arrived my pistol did not fit. Sent pictures to their CS and they forwarded them to their design department. The response was, “it won’t fit”. Returned it for a full refund. This holster completely covers the trigger and I can’t get my finger anywhere near the trigger when secured.