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TNVC Offering Repairs, Maintenance, and Extended Warranty on Select L3Harris Night Vision Systems

REDLANDS, Calif., Sep 26, 2022— Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) announced today repair and maintenance, and extended warranty support for select L3Harris night vision systems.

Repair and maintenance support will be available for the L3Harris-produced Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD) product line including the AN/PVS-31, 31A, 31B and 31C, BNVD-1531; the M914A and AN/PVS-14. In addition, all PVS-31, BNVD-1531, and M914A systems purchased through TNVC or one of our dealers will include an in-house five-year extended warranty.

Released for unrestricted commercial sales by TNVC in early-2021, the L3Harris BNVD-family and AN/PVS-14 (M914A) are some of the most popular and proven night vision systems in existence. These high performance L3Harris goggles are identical to those currently in service with USSOCOM and the DoD and provide end-users with critical situational awareness while conducting complex tasks under the cover of darkness. These goggles increase user safety and survivability while reducing liability by enabling end-users to clearly see, identify, and discriminate between potential threats and non-threats.

“At TNVC, we believe in a focus on the end-user and the end-user’s needs, whether they are an armed professional, lawfully-armed citizen, or recreational user. Our commitment to our customers, education, and training does not end when we’ve made a sale. Sustainment is vitally important to any kind of viable operational capability at any level, and we at TNVC are proud to be able to provide full-spectrum support to users of all walks of life,” said Augee Kim, chief operating officer for TNVC.  

Only a small number of organizations possess the training, knowledge, and equipment to properly service and maintain the BNVD. TNVC recently completed training with L3Harris’ field repairs team in Londonderry, New Hampshire on proper repair and maintenance of the BNVD family. Armed with this training and state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment and specialized tools and materials to conduct these repairs, TNVC is prepared to support these systems throughout their lifecycles.

While all factory L3Harris night vision systems carry a one-year warranty, all L3Harris BNVDs (AN/PVS-31A), BNVD-1531s, and M914A MNVDs (AN/PVS-14) purchased direct from TNVC or one of our dealers will be backed by an exclusive, in-house five-year extended warranty through TNVC, retroactive to all night vision systems purchased on or after January 19th, 2021 through TNVC or a TNVC dealer.  

Like our Lifetime Limited Warranty, TNVC’s in-house five-year extended warranty on L3Harris’ finished night vision systems will cover any and all manufacturing or assembly defects, including image intensifier tubes on systems purchased through TNVC or a TNVC Dealer, providing customers with even greater confidence in their equipment and its sustainability.

TNVC is an L3Harris Factory-Direct Spare Parts Distributor:

For TNVC’s L3Harris Repair and Maintenance Service inquiries, please contact the Build, Repair, and Maintenance Team at:

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