Land Forces 22 – More Weapons from Thales

In addition to the 6.8×51 prototypes we showcased the other day, Thales Australia the manufacturer of the currently issued EF88 are displaying a couple of other rifles under the Lithgow Arms mark. Lithgow Small Arms Factory has provided Australian built weapons to the ADF for over a century.

First is the F90 PDW variant with suppressor under the handguard.

Next up is a Stoner pattern carbine in 5.56mm and .300 BLK designed in the event the ADF decides at some point to adopt this type of rifle, or alternatively for export.

Here is a look at Serial Number 001.

2 Responses to “Land Forces 22 – More Weapons from Thales”

  1. No1_Important says:

    Hk 416 A5 lowers, so hot right now. Same as the new Glock Carbine that was submitted for the British Ranger Regiment? The BCM Handguard seems like a good choice though.

    The F90 seems interesting, still waiting to see any ballistic information on the 6.8×51 against armor and accuracy at distance though.

  2. rob c says:

    A supressor UNDER the handguard? Where? I see nothing