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PDW Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl

Classic Japanese Ramen Bowl Crafted with Modern Aerospace Grade Materials

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their premium Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl. Constructed with titanium, a double wall, and vacuum lined to keep food hot, longer. There are few things more satisfying than a hot bowl of noodle soup on a brisk day. And even more so, than savoring that meal while dining in the great outdoors. PDW created this unique noodle bowl for that special breed of outdoors person who is not only rough and tumble but is also equally a connoisseur on and off the grid. This ramen bowl melds the classic traditions of the East with today’s modern materials, that is lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion-proof and won’t chip or crack. Perfect for the foodie camper and overlander.

The PDW Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl is available in a 45oz/1350ml size and comes packed in their signature printed Kraft cardstock box with mesh bag.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We studied the many fine details required in the making our ramen bowl. Of the seven standard Japanese ramen bowl shapes, we choose the “Tayoudon”. This type of bowl is typically found in high end ramen shops, and “Tayoudon” literally translates as “multi-purpose bowl”. This shape of bowl is not only perfect for ramen, but also equally well suited for udon, soba, pho, to beef stew, chili and more. Making our bowl 8″ / 20.5cm in diameter and 45oz / 1350ml size and volume, means that while serving your ramen, the golden proportion of 70-80% food to volume ratio can be achieved while plating. Many of us know that well prepared meals taste best when savored in the great outdoors. The Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl melds the classic traditions of the East with today’s modern materials, and perfect for the foodie camper and overlander. Live Free Eat Well Ladies and Gents. Itadakimasu!”

The PDW Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl will be available for $89.00 at noon Pacific, Wednesday October 19th, 2022 via their website,

10 Responses to “PDW Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl”

  1. Andy Markcyst says:

    At $89 this tactical “bowl” better be able to double as a helmet.

    • WmW says:

      Then this product clearly isn’t for you.

      It’s titanium and insulated – that requires one hell of an engineering process to produce.

      A ton of hydration containers are 32oz. This bowl holds 45. That’s a great size when you consider boiling a whole bottle or making a full sized rehydration meal.

      It’s only 7.6 oz. A hydro flask 1qt/32oz bowl is only $25, but is 30% smaller and at 15.5 ounces weighs twice as much.
      Snow Peak has a 450ml titanium mug for $58.

      This bowl is awesome. PDW will be getting my $90. PDW is a high end brand. They make stuff that isn’t carried at budget friend big box stores. They’re going after a certain clientele, which you clearly are not their target audience. The bowl may not double as a helmet, but it will definitely hold a full serving of shut the fuck up.

      • CapnTroy says:

        Ah yes, someone else that’s confused prestige pricing with quality manufacturing.

        “BuT yOu’Re ObViOuSlY nOt ThEiR tArGeT cLiEnTeLe…!” ?

        • Bob says:

          I saw a CWU flight jacket in a Kuwaiti mall priced at $2500, and I’ll bet it wasn’t even Nomex. High priced doesn’t mean good kit.

    • Curious says:

      How much is your bowl?

  2. Bob says:

    WmW, you seem awfully angry. It’s just a bowl.

  3. Riverghost says:

    I don’t think he’s angry, just doesn’t tolerate bullshit!!! Nobody is making anybody buy the stuff. But in my experience it is quality equipment and actually a bit cheaper than other name brands. So just go bother somebody else ????

    • The other Bob says:

      There are two sorts of people.

      Those with common sense like you espouse.

      And the rest that moan that they don’t like things rather than just accepting not every other person isnt a mirror version of themselves.

      Sadly there are too many of the latter who think that we care enough to value their opinion.

  4. Iggy says:

    Thats all hokum about special high end ramen bowls. Tayoudon bowls are udon bowls and are only high end if craft made by potters etc. That shape is common, can get melamine ones for a few dollars at home centers.
    People believe anything if it’s got a ‘mystical’ Japanese name attached…