Black Powder Red Earth Collected Edition

The Black Powder Red Earth® Basra + Syria Hardcover Edition collects the first two BPRE Series into a single clothbound hardcover book. These are the foundational works that attracted the attention of DC Think Tank, The Atlantic Council, where series creator Jon Chang was invited to speak on the future of urban warfare, as well as select US Special Operations Forces who have added the books to their collections.

Featuring an introduction by a former Troop Commander at the Asymmetric Warfare Group, new lettering, and an expanded glossary – the collected edition is a limited to 250 hand signed and hand numbered copies by writer Jon Chang and artist Josh Taylor. Featuring over 500 pages of full color art, the book includes a dust jacket and hardback slipcase, both wrapped in full color art. 

Having been out of print for almost five years, the original BPRE series regularly sells for over $100 per copy on Amazon and Abebooks. Entirely sourced, printed and bound in the USA, this collection offers the best possible presentation of the work combining ultra-sharp Japanese digital printing and the highest quality archival paper available.

Add this book to your collection and purchase direct from _Echelon here.

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