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SIG MG 338 x AimLock Remote Weapon Station

The AimLock Remote Weapon Station has arrived on the scene as a lower cost alternative to more comprehensive RWS on the market.

During the recent AUSA expo in Washington, DC, SIG SAUER showcased the AimLock R-M1 paired with the MG 338 machine gun in .338 Norma Mag. The R-M1 can be mounted on a variety of platforms including tripods, buildings, ATVs, UTVs, ground vehicles, boats, and helicopters.

In addition to being remotely operated, the R-M1 integrates AimLock’s auto-targeting technology.

6 Responses to “SIG MG 338 x AimLock Remote Weapon Station”

  1. Doc Ras says:

    I thought the nomenclature was UA 571-C

  2. John says:

    It’ll absolutely leave them demoralized.

  3. MS_TB says:

    Can’t help but think of the extended footage Auto-Sentries from Jim Cameron’s Aliens – and now it’s here and commercially available!

  4. reader says:

    what is the capacity in the ammo box?