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MWW 22 – Scorpion Mobile Mortar Weapon System

What May look like a mild-mannered Toyota Land Cruiser configured as a supply truck turns out to be the scorpion Mobile Mortar Weapon System.

It can be configured with either an 81mm or 120mm mortar which can “shoot and scoot” firing eight rounds in two minutes. It features a non-seating base plate which will not dig into the ground and eliminates recoils effects on the vehicle.

The system will carry 72 rounds of 81mm and 40 rounds of 120mm mortar bombs. The Digital Fire Control can be controlled via an iPad inside or outside the cab.

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One Response to “MWW 22 – Scorpion Mobile Mortar Weapon System”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Saw a live fire demo of this thing and it is 100% as cool as it sounds.

    Their own guys (obviously very practiced), stopped, set up, dropped four rounds in the tube and were stowed and pulling away around the time the first one landed. That’s something if you are fighting someone with counter battery capabilities.