B5 Systems

MWW 22 – BLADE 55

The Ballistic Loitering Attack DronE (BLADE) 55 is a portable Group 2 VTOL sUAS. It can provide ISR via NextVision DragonEye 2 EO/IR camera, last mile Resupply up to 20 lbs, and Precision Strike via two M72 LAWs.

The weapon system is currently at TRL 7 and was developed by Alare Tech vi an AFRL Phase 2 SBIR.

2 Responses to “MWW 22 – BLADE 55”

  1. BJ says:

    For reals? It does look sketchy. Like they were out drinking and said, “Hey, let’s just velcro some LAWs to a drone.”

    Not hating if it works.