Ohio Ordnance Works – 240 Patrol-SLR Conversion Kits

The OOW 240P-SLR is a belt-fed, air cooled Rifle, capable of sustained and accurate fire while using a shorter and lighter barrel, M4 style collapsible stock and removable lightweight bipod and foregrip.

This conversion takes your standard “Bravo” configuration weighing in at 27.5 lbs. and an over all length of 49″. Bringing it down to 22.3 lbs. with an over all length of 41.25″.

MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rails on the top cover and at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions of the forend allow for the mounting of numerous accessories including laser devices, lights, night vision, thermal, day optics, and various foregrips and bipods.

The shorter barrel features dimpling which reduces weight while increasing heat dissipation with no loss of strength or durability.

7 Responses to “Ohio Ordnance Works – 240 Patrol-SLR Conversion Kits”

  1. Andy Marksyst says:

    …”Bringing it down to 22.3 lbs.”

    Barrett created (and then sold to Geissele) their m240LW design, which is even lighter at 20.5 lbs w standard barrel, and 19.75 lbs. with a shorty barrel.

    I like that people are trying to bring the weight down, I just can’t figure out why there aren’t many takers…

    • Yawnz says:

      The 240LW uses titanium for a lot of the reciever, which is more expensive and harder to source.

      • Andy Marksyst says:

        Thanks for making note of this.

        My sense of it is that you could probably continue to engineer a m240 down to about 18 lbs but not much more than that. Still, a 18lb m240 – with a lot of titanium – means a 10lb savings that could be used for something else (like another 200lbs of 7.62), justifying the extra cost.

        • Yawnz says:

          It isn’t about just the extra cost though. Most of the titanium used in the US is imported, primarily from Russia and China. The climate change cultists in the EPA have hampered US prospecting, and we don’t want to have to rely on imported materials for small arms manufacturing.

          • Paul says:

            The M240L as issued by the US military uses titanium to reduce weight, the Barrett/Geissele 240LW & 240LWS do not use titanium but instead reduce weight by removing excess material through the machining process.

      • David Pawley says:

        The M240L is titanium.
        The Barrett LW M240 is not, just an optimised design, e.g. a machined monolithic receiver rather than a riveted one.

    • James says:

      Expense . and concern for longevity. It’s a judgment call over something like the MK48, are you gaining enough to justify the expense? A kit like this might make sense if for most of the use cases the Bravo is fine/preferred , as part of an Egress Kit for spade grip guns, or need a lower cost option for Bravos in inventory.