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Alpha Group Solution Introduces Nemesis Camouflage Brand

Alpha Group Solution is excited to introduce a new forward thinking line of camouflage patterns. Branded as Nemesis Camouflage, this new brand is based on lessons learned from 70 years of camouflage development and end-user experience.  A little back history…

Owner, Founder and Designer, Clint Hoover is US Army retired. Highlighted service with the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment and Iconic 1st Special Forces Regiment (aka. Green Berets), as an Assaulter & Sniper on an (ODA) Operational Detachment Alpha. He spent a career perfecting all aspects of Special Operations fieldcraft techniques. Followed with time Instructing at the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group’s {Combat Applications Training Course} he served as a Primary Subject Matter Expert in advanced combat carbine & pistol marksmanship, Close Quarters Battle and Squad Designated Marksmanship instructor. His final assignment was in lethality acquisitions working capabilities, requirements for US Army Small Arms Branch. Eventually, serving a 25 year active duty career, deployed to over 27 countries in service of National Security Objectives and retiring in 2012.

First, founding Black Skull Tactical Applications in 2013, Hoover has continued to support the US Military mission as a contractor to Train, Advise, Assist the Dept of Defense, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement personnel and Civilian firearms enthusiasts. Investing a decade working in the developing of multiple camouflages brands, products, research & development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, acquisitions and development of textiles for the camouflage industry. Learning some truth! “Uniforms, gear and camouflage patterns have a progression and a finite life cycle” Almost all current prominent camo brands have been on the market for 20 years or more!

Studying legacy patterns, like the first attempt at disruptive camouflage “Frog Skin” pattern that Marines Raiders first wore in 1942 during the Solomon Islands campaign. Soon after the US Army began development on the 1946 ERDL “Green/Brown dominant” camouflage, the precursor to M81 Woodland pattern. Vietnam period found Special Operations closely identified with wearing the well-known “Tiger stripe” pattern. With the Cold War looming in Europe, the Army continued developing the M81 Woodland pattern and with perpetual middle east turmoil, seeing the development of (DCU) Desert Combat Uniform being adopted and replacing the much older (DBDU) Desert Battle Dress Uniform or “Chocolate chips”. Fast forward to the 2004 (UCP) Universal Camo Pattern disaster, quickly replaced in 2014 with the current Scorpion or (OCP) Operational Camo Pattern.

Clint states: “This is for sure, Warriors from days of old; did not need sexy camouflage to make up for a lack of tactics & concealment fieldcraft. Could you imagine wearing wool tunics, trousers and leather gear?!” Like my grandfather (WWII) and father (Vietnam) before me, they could wear a flannel, jeans and an orange vest and still always bag the game! With current trends in the camouflage market… there is a heavy renewed interest in historical patterns on modern gear and equipment. Some manufactures do not carry some people’s favorite products in their favorite pattern leaving some enthusiast frustrated. Some companies on the other hand offer everything in their camo, making you look like every else!…

I’m the road less traveled guy…. That’s why…Nemesis Camouflage.”

Clint leverages his lengthy end-user experience; coupled to development “lessons learned “on fabric wet printing, sublimation printing, narrow width items, and hydrographic. This along with closely listening and understanding top product manufacturers textile procurement and production concerns. We wanted Nemesis Camo to uncomplicates the overly complicated Macro/Micro pattern theory. During this pattern’s development, implementation of end-user’s interests, popular legacy patterns, modern printing capabilities and limitations, product manufacturing, advanced color combinations, mil-spec requirements and most importantly shelf appeal.

Nemesis Camo is more of a “Macro” pattern. This improves the printer’s ability to maintain or stay on “standard”. The pattern slightly eliminates hard lines with an interlaced feathering of edges, giving these patterns an out of focus illusion. Absolute elimination of directional lines will greatly reduce manufacturing lasers cuter lay out set up time and less waste of fabrics. All patterns are based on a 6 color pattern with predominant percentages in environmental pantones. All pantones have been carefully selected with prior (NATICK) U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NIR) Near-infrared reflective testing. Nemesis is easily scaled in size and custom colorized for soft and hard goods such as uniforms, nylon gear, rifles and vehicle wraps. The concept of this new brand (Nemesis) is to utilize a historical pattern look, simplified design, improved textile manufacturing and procurement budget.

The Nemesis Camouflage line-up will initially be available in four variations. For a more “Green” operational environment, the simply named “Nemesis Woodlands” mirrored with an arid environment colorway “Nemesis Desert” camouflage. Also, currently available for licensing “Nemesis Night” and “Nemesis Snow” variants which need little explanation.

While the primary function of a field uniform, it to disguise or to conceal the warfighter, it cannot be overlooked that it also inspires Esprit de Corps and a soldier identity. Instills soldier’s self-confidence, and it can even instill fear in one’s enemy. In a very short period, the Japanese soldiers knew the fierce Warriors in “Frog Skin”, or the MACV SOG Recon Teams in “Tiger stripe” as well as the early GWOT SOF in modified BDU/DCU uniforms. Sweaty, Bloody, Muddy… KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

By blending the past with the future, Nemesis Camouflage will give the future warfighter their individual legacy and advantage to take the fight forward!

For additional information, contact www.alphagroupsolution.com or [email protected]

10 Responses to “Alpha Group Solution Introduces Nemesis Camouflage Brand”

  1. Jed says:

    Website link not working.

  2. Qwerty says:

    This website looks a good deal like one I viewed before but was concerned it was Chinese garbage, however it now has someone vouching for it….

  3. GBN says:

    “elimination of directional lines will greatly reduce manufacturing lasers cuter lay out set up time and less waste of fabrics”
    But fabric still has warp thread, and clothing pieces will be cut considering its direction.

    That said, eliminate of direction in pattern is sure good thing, in terms of disguise.

  4. Gerbil says:

    This camo looks like it was created in MS Paint.

  5. Zach r says:

    This perfectly sums up any camo in the US, dated and bad, afraid to borrow from anything good in Europe or elsewhere. Has to be based on woodland and tiger stripe, maybe even night desert. I’m surprised there are not some aweful grid designs on it. America you are better than this.

  6. Raul says:

    I can’t seem to find the actual camo called out above, what am I doing wrong? Been a long day so apologies in advance. Hope all are having a great day.

  7. STEPAN1983 says:

    It looks like some lazy person made this pattern in Microsoft Paint in five minutes, and he was inspired by the Ghost Recon 2 concept art sketches

  8. STEPAN1983 says:

    And company logo looks like Japanese furry porn lol