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Normine Lombard Accepting Appointments for SHOT Show 2023

Recruitment firm brings innovative solutions to a challenging hiring landscape

Portland, OR – Normine Lombard, the product-centric recruitment firm with over a decade of experience in consumer goods, is now booking appointments at Booth 40809 for SHOT Show. The firm holds a strong success rate in transitioning the right talent to the right role due to their customized hiring methods and in-depth knowledge of the outdoor and tactical space.

“Simply put: the hiring landscape has changed, people are looking for a connection to their teammates, environment, and the products they are working with.” Managing Partner Amanda Normine said. “Modern day hiring requires a customized and targeted approach to building a team, and each hiring journey is going to be unique.”

Whether you’re looking for a candidate with very specific qualifications to take your team to the next level or you’re simply losing money due to an open position you are struggling to fill, Normine Lombard understands the competition, the tangible skills, and the intangible passions necessary to succeed in the outdoor industry. The firm’s thoroughly researched hiring process adapts to their clients and partner’s needs, affably moving with them every step of the way, while managing expectations on both sides to ensure a smooth transition of talent.

“We have explicitly honed our approach to serving product centric clients, and we are the best wingmen in the market.” Normine said. “We’re picky about our clients, because we go to bat for them in a heavy-hitting way.”

To secure an appointment during the 2023 SHOT Show, or to learn more about Normine Lombard’s offering in this space, contact Amanda Normine at [email protected].

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