GSCI Advanced Photonics to Launch PVS-14 Augmented Reality Module at Enforce Tac

First of its kind, Augmented Reality module for the most popular PVS-14 night vision monocular – MTAR™-HUD. Available for demonstration at Enforcetac(10.0-306) and IWA (3-113) in March, 2023.

It is not just a tool, but also a necessity – hundreds of thousands of Night Vision Monoculars which are currently in service can now be transformed in-field, without any tools, to provide vital information to the operator. The MTAR™-HUD offers on-screen features such as GPS, Compass, Rangefinder, as well as a Video Recorder and much more to give the operator the ultimate tactical advantage, and removing many of the traditional night vision device limitations. 

Highly desired by military, law enforcement and other professionals – the Multi-Task Augmented Reality night vision monocular attachment heads-up display (MTAR™-HUD)  is finally debuting on the global market.

For the past 30 years, GSCI Advanced Photonics has become well knows as one of the few manufacturers of high end optical-electronic equipment with truly unique features. End use law enforcement customers who were selected for the trial of the newly developed MTAR™-HUD have said it is “simply a game changer”, allowing you to transfer your basic night vision monocular into an all-in-one observation, detection, and augmented reality reconnaissance device.

For more information please reach out to the sales team at GSCI Advanced Photonics via [email protected]

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