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SHOT Show 23 – Guardian MOA Plate from Radian Weapons

Coming Q2 this year, the Guardian MOS plate from Radian Weapons is 85% of the weight of the OEM plate.

It integrates a rear sight into the front of the plate and has a design that twice the thread engagement of the OEM Glock plate.

Currently only built to accommodate the RMR, plates for other RDS are coming.


3 Responses to “SHOT Show 23 – Guardian MOA Plate from Radian Weapons”

  1. Peter Lemonhjello says:

    A metal shroud for an rmr? Did they miss that it’s near bomb proof already? Why wasn’t this built for sigs red dot line, or swampfox or other red dots that are affordable but break when the truck door slams?

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Damn, that looks like a very clever design.

  3. Mark says:

    Aside from the improved MOS thread engagement and added lens protection, I really like the built-in rear sight feature on this Radian plate.

    I always wished that someone would make a sealing plate that simply bent upward, at the rear of the RMR, with a thin rear sight cut cut into it.