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SHOT Show 23 – Single Shot 40mm Launcher from Milkor USA

VLTOR Systems shared this video of the new single shot 40mm launcher developed by sister company MILKOR USA. During the GWOT, MILKOR provided the USMC and USSOCOM with the six shot rotary 40mm Multi-ShotGrenade Launcher, the M32A1.

15 Responses to “SHOT Show 23 – Single Shot 40mm Launcher from Milkor USA”

  1. Nicco says:

    Just be sure to not fly with it out of San Antonio International Airport.

    • SSD says:

      Best not to fly with any firearms out of that airport. They are a soup sandwich.

      • AbnMedOps says:

        Best to always get to TSA at least 2 hours early in San Antonio. Especially on Mondays. Total cluster.

    • Nicco says:

      For context, TSA freaked out about a inert Carl Gustaf in checked baggage that was going to be a display item at SHOT show. Even after their own explosives expert said it was fine.

  2. mark says:

    Given the recoil absorbing stock buffer, is this designed for the new class of 40x51mm ‘Medium Velocity’ grenades?

    • Milkor USA says:


      • mark says:

        Very cool. I’ve been following the 40×51 MV development for awhile, a very promising option.

        For future display / testing, have you considered pairing your launchers with the new generation of Fire Control Unit (FCU) ‘smart scopes’ that compensate for grenade trajectory, and also program airburst fuses? Such as the FN FCU MK3, or the various Rheinmetall FCU’s.

        I view that smart scope as sort of the peanut butter to the 40x51MV’s jelly – together you’d have a 80/20 XM25 type precision grenade launcher.

        I think that might help make people better appreciate Milkor’s benefit over a normal M203/M320 grenade launcher.

        • Milkor USA says:

          We have. In most cases those sight are $10-12K. There are no programmable LV or MV rounds available other than prototypes, so having an optic to program rounds that don’t exist (at this point anyways) doesn’t make sense on every weapon we sell. All the FCUs you mentioned I have in house and use for demos, they all work great and have their own strengths and weaknesses. with our little sight i’m getting 5″ groups at 250 meters. The normal M203/M320 cant fire MV ammo at all, and even if you manage to fit the MV ammo in those launchers the recoil is unsafe for the shooter. Our SSGL is specifically designed to fire LL, LV and MV right out of the box.

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Dude, just put a pic rail on a HK69. What is this bulky, grabby mess?

    • Milkor USA says:

      This is designed to fire low and medium velocity. No other single shot launcher on the market can do this.

      • Jack Griffin says:

        Thanks for responding but that doesn’t address the comment. I was referring to form factor and functional design choices.

        What part of the oompf-ier ammunition requires torsional loading (that benefits from a VFG) vs. break open (HK69) / side loading (M320). As the end user for these types of things, all I can see is it being more awkward to load, bulkier, prone to catching on things and having more moving parts to fail. Being a non-primary weapon, how is carrying/shooting this thing any easier than traditional designs?

        • Milkor USA says:

          Those other designs can’t handle the recoil let alone the shooter can’t handle the recoil of the MV. I wont go into detail about why they fail but we chose our design for a couple reasons, one being strength and safety for the shooter.

  4. Matt says:

    I just want an UBGL that shoots MV Hellhound. Too much to ask?

    • Milkor USA says:

      kind of. In previous testing every attempt to make and UBGL fire a MV round resulted in the parent weapon cycling the bolt and expelling a live round and or causing damage to said parent weapon.