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SORD Australia – Water Bottle Pouches

Introducing SORD’s new bottle pouches. Designed to fit a standard 500-750ml, square ADF 1L and rectangle US 1L bottle. The Utility Extra Large pouches will also fit the South African Army 2L rectangle bottles.


3 Responses to “SORD Australia – Water Bottle Pouches”

  1. Mike says:

    Looks nice, but those little bottles are pretty thin-walled. If I had one in the “skeleton” little carrier, I think I’d bump into something, tear the bottle, and leave my water running down my leg…

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, its kinda interesting/nonsensical to me to make a specific pouch for a single disposable item like that, I find plastic water bottles do much better in double m4 pouches purely because after my water is done I still have a useful pouch for any number of other things, not a skeletonized elastic and shock cord mess

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