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SHOT Show 23 – Thales XTRAIM Weapon Sight

Almost every meeting I have at SHOT Show is behind closed doors. It’s rare that I am able to share something immediately, even rarer if it’s a product from a defense company. Defense firm Thales is offering us a sneak peek at an upcoming weapon sight.

In anticipation of a requirement for Special Operations Forces, Thales has developed a reflex sight which incorporates thermal imaging. The XTRAIM Weapon Sight can be used in direct view reflex sight mode or with a thermal overlay.
This isn’t some commercial off the shelf capability with low resolution. It features an uncooled sensor with 12 micron pitch and 640×480 resolution.

The reticle is a 1.6 MOA red dot and visible in direct view or thermal modes. Within the thermal mode, the operator can select full IR or contour outline mode as well as 1x or 2x digital zoom.

Additionally, the operator can integrate a clip-on night vision sight to further enhance situational awareness and target acquisition. It is also compatible with operator worn night vision goggles. The sight can also be used in conjunction with 3X magnifiers popular with red dot sights to increase range.

The XTRAIM Weapon Sight was designed at Thales’s center of excellence for dismounted soldier optronics in Saint-Héand in Eastern France. It has been evaluated by individual SOF personnel as well as small units during several touch points, both here and abroad, on a variety of individual and crew served weapons. Thales paid particular attention to human factors, integrating ergonomic and simple-to-use controls.

In thermal mode, the XTRAIM offers 500m target recognition with 250m PID of a man sized target. Those ranges are extended to 600m and 320m respectively when used in conjunction with a 3X magnifier.

The sight features a Picatinny rail for weapon attachment and is powered by 2 x CR123 batteries which provide over 500 hours of reticle use or or seven hours of thermal operation. The weight with battery is 18.6 oz.

Intended for defense customers, the XTRAIM Weapon Sight will be available beginning in May 2023.

Contact solutions@thalesdsi.com.


5 Responses to “SHOT Show 23 – Thales XTRAIM Weapon Sight”

  1. Tu Bui says:

    perhaps the most interesting thing is the placement of the thermal camera (compared with that of the new Holosun). Being so close to the rail, I imagine this will cause issues with rail mounted accessories.

    • Anthony GUESNIER says:

      Hi. For the issue of the thermal path heigth, there are accessories to raise the equipment, which facilitates its use with NVGs and avoids interference with the other weapon’s accessories. On the other hand, as a former officer, I think that the buttons on the Holosun TWS are not practical to use with combat gloves…

  2. Solscud007 says:

    What does this do that the Steiner CQT doesn’t? What does this do that the InfiRay version doesn’t do better for a fraction of the cost? I asked them how much the Xrtraim is. They said “we don’t disclose pricing. It is for military and LE only.” Why the secrecy? If an agency buys it they need to disclose the price to the public if they ask.

  3. Ken spurvey says:

    How much is this sight I’m looking for a good one for my AR and my 300 BlackOut
    Could you please help me out
    Thank you