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Shadow Box Solutions Introduces Suite of Integrated TAK Situational Awareness Devices

Shadow Box Solutions announces updates to its turnkey TAK server, the SB Alpha TOC-in-a-Box, with the introduction of the SB Bravo Micro Encoder that allows video from devices like tactical Rovers and EO/IR cameras to be streamed anywhere. The Alpha was designed to support over 200 simultaneous users with TAK services and has the ability to receive and transmit radio calls through an ATAK enabled mobile phone from anywhere in the world, all in a highly mobile rugged package suitable for static installation or on the move applications. The Alpha integrates TAK, VOIP, ROIP, and video in one turnkey box. With the addition of the Bravo, users can now securely transmit video from a variety of sources to users across the globe through an encrypted video server onboard the Alpha.

SB Bravo Micro Video Encoder

SB Alpha TOC-in-a-Box

SB Charlie MUOS TAKServer

“We are delighted with the advancements in Shadow Box Solutions’ complement of integrated products that provide industry-best situational awareness chat, video, voice and data sharing on a common user platform” said Morgan Carey, a Shadow Box executive”, And with the release of the SB Charlie in late 2022, TAK services have been extended to MUOS SATCOM and TSM networks with ATO compliance for use on red networks”, she added.

SB Charlie employed with PRC-117G

Shadow Box Solutions is an industry leading products integrator developing C2 interoperability solutions to hundreds of government customers.  Shadow Box products have recently been featured during numerous named exercises, including USAF WSINT at Nellis AFB, NV. The company is reshaping the way teams communicate by bridging the voice, video, and data networks that provide critical communications, mapping, and situational awareness to enhance decision making and mission effectiveness across all levels of government.  Shadow Box Solutions was founded by SOF operators and communicators committed to delivering turnkey C2 solutions to the tactical edge.

Learn more about Shadow Box products at www.shadowboxsolutions.com.

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