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Americana Pipedream x Hub City Outdoors R-1 Recon Rig

The R-1 is a Collab rig from Americana Pipedream and Hub City Outdoors. As you can see, the prototypes are in Omani pattern, a variant of DPM camouflage.

Based on the IDF R-1 Recon Rig (most commonly used with armored recon units) it has been updated to work with the Ohio Ordnance HCAR.

It holds 8 mags or 6 mags and a radio. The front has full, back Velcro for add-on accessories like a map pouch or a dangler.

On the original Israeli version the back pack is small so they decided to base theirs on the USMC FILBE hydration carrier, but with some upgrades.

– back face padding
– moved the drain hole to the back
– a small zipper pocket added to flap
– a hydration hanger designed to work best with the Source 1L hydration bladder

They also added small wings to each side to mimic the original which had dedicated pouches for M18 style Smoke grenades. This new version features 3 rows by 2 columns of PALS webbing which can be used for spare mags or a GP pouch.

Front panels will be available in, STANAG, AK, and Battle Rifle mags. The back pack will have options for a 1L or taller 2L reservoir, with or without side wings.

2 Responses to “Americana Pipedream x Hub City Outdoors R-1 Recon Rig”

  1. shua says:

    Man I wish I had the extra dosh when some of the omani uniforms appeared in the surplus market here in the usa. Live in Nevada, so glad to see some new gear in the pattern, wish more people also did six color chocolate chip.
    Been following your blog for ever now, keep up the hard work and thanks for these awesome updates!