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Templar’s Gear – CPC-LP

In response to popular demand, Templar’s most affordable plate carrier has been updated to  generation 4.

TG-CPC-LP (Low Profile) GEN4 that can hold 25x30cm hard ballistic inserts.

– 3d updated design to be in line with other Gen4 products.

– A standard set includes plate bags (front/back), shoulder pads, and an elastic cummerbund with three pouches inside.

– Harness and cummerbund are adjustable (Velcro).

– Front panel is modular and accept wide variety of placards.

– Back panel allows to install dedicated zip-on panels.

– Increased adjustment of cummerbund fits medium to large sizes.

– Made of Cordura 500D and a durable Cordura 500D-based laminate. Both fabrics are IRR treated.

Proudly Made in Poland

Weight: 600g

MSRP: 140 Euros


4 Responses to “Templar’s Gear – CPC-LP”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    There seems to be a massive number of after-market “plate carrier” type products on the market, in so many variations that the mind boggles. Just how many can the market support? I’ve been retired (US Army) for several years now, and perhaps am a bit out of touch, but just how much individual preference/purchase of these things is being done by individual soldiers in preference to the CIF issued item? How prevalent is leadership acceptance of non-standard plate carriers throughout the Army?

    I’m by no means against a degree of individualization of gear (particularly amongst seasoned troops), and continual evolution, but it would seems strange that in this category of life-saving combat equipment, whatever it is that Big Army is issuing sucks enough (fit? design? function?) that there seems to be an entire industry of alternative designs somehow selling enough to stay in business. Or am I missing something?

    • Friend says:

      First big point, is that the American military is not the only purchaser of plate carriers in the world. The vast majority of sales of these things are going to people with no affiliation with the military at all; reason being civilian armor manufacturers have basically standardized on plates cut in the same shape as military SAPIs.

      That said, yes, the issued equipment sucks bad enough that damn near anything is an improvement. Big Army and MC both make utterly baffling choices when it comes to designing the carriers and pretty much anyone who’s unit will let them takes the plates and puts them in anything they can get their hands on. By way of example, neither service currently issues a carrier with any sort of stretch to the cummerbund, which is something private industry figured out in like 2004. This means that instead of properly distributing weight to the hips, both services’ issued rigs put all the strain on the shoulders.

    • Thomas Stickle says:

      You may not have noticed, but these cats are from Poland. The market is huge!

  2. Lolssi says:

    Good lightweight gear with smart design choices. Dump pouches where mags stay inside, FAST style mag pouches that work plus pretty much all other pouches you’d want. Also wide variety of camo options instead only the usual boring multicam.