Allen-Vanguard Develops Life-Saving ECM Capability for the UAE

Allen-Vanguard, a global leader in providing customized solutions for defeating Radio Frequency (RF) based terrorist and extremist threats, continues to supply and develop life-saving ECM equipment and capability to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) via their partner TRUST International Group LLC (TIG). Allen-Vanguard will be available at IDEX 23, in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre ADNEC (Booth #C3-006) from 20-24 February 2023.

Trust International’s main business is focused on military and defense products and has been working to meet the needs of the UAE Armed Forces and other government agencies since 2004, with specialization in sourcing suitable products, services, spare parts and integrated solutions. TRUST International has supported the supply of Allen-Vanguard’s world renowned ANCILE counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) / counter drone system and SCORPION portable EOD ECM to uplift and improve UAE’s defence capabilities in electronic countermeasures.

The use of drones for nefarious means is proliferating. In particular, there is an increase in use for close target reconnaissance and as a weapon delivery system, both in conventional and asymmetric operations; as being witnessed in current conflicts. Allen-Vanguard developed ANCILE to deliver outstanding RF inhibition to combat the wide variety of commercial drones that are available. The system can be remotely updated with optimized inhibition waveforms designed and developed using global threat intelligence gathered by our Threat Management Team (TMT). When optimized, ANCILE ensures a robust and effective 360 degree no-fly zone that can be applied to convoy protection, operational bases and static facilities alike.

Working with partners, the Allen-Vanguard’s Field Service Representatives (FSR) supported the customer to create a fully integrated vehicle mounted ANCILE capability that can be quickly transitioned (5mins) to a ground-based system to provide a simple and robust protective zone. This system has been previously successfully deployed at the G7 and other similar major events in the region. In addition, Allen-Vanguard have also provided their SCORPION portable ECM system, which is in-service with the most prominent Bomb Disposal Squads in Europe, the Middle East and the Southern Hemisphere; a first for the UAE.

Allen-Vanguard is committed to creating an indigenous capability that is locally owned and operated, so that sovereign nations have operational autonomy to detect, protect and deter terrorist threats, all backed by a first-class technical training and support infrastructure provided by Allen-Vanguard and their partners. This initial capability and support for the UAE is the first step in this process. The aim is to grow the necessary connections to local defence partners and academia, thus allowing regional initiatives to support all aspects of ECM capability from manufacture and assembly through to the most crucial aspects of threat management and advanced mitigation techniques.

Allen-Vanguard’s Business Director for Africa, Stuart Wilson, said “This is an excellent example of how we seek to create local capability to help defeat terrorist threats in the Middle East and North African region. I am very proud of the excellent systems that Allen-Vanguard designs and produces, but equally I relish working with the customer to help create and develop a fully integrated and supported local capability that will evolve and endure as the threat changes. For more information on what Allen-Vanguard can do to support your ECM capability please come and find us at IDEX 23.”

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